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Mobile Responsive UI Development

We’ve implemented dozens of solutions on mobile devices that have served millions of minutes of content. Some projects can be made mobile aware by some straightforward code upgrades to leverage responsive technologies such as bootstrap, while others necessitate a major rewrite. We even have strategic migration paths for legacy applications requiring flash that will allow you to continue support your customer base while moving to current technologies.

Fullstack Development

With over 40+ years of commercial development experience, we’ve designed and implemented highly scalable solutions across a wide range sectors including Financial, Healthcare, Education, Technology, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The sizes of some of the implementations have been as large millions of users online for billions of minutes, to as small as tens of users who simply had a complex problem to automate.

Database Design, Development, and Migration

We have over 25 years developing Enterprise Quality Applications on Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase. The have also extensive experience migrating database proprietary logic from these databases in to more portable, scalable, cloud based solutions such as. PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Amazon Aurora. We’ve worked through all the challenges of migrating large applications including rewriting packages, stored procedures, and triggers, as well as application layer data access libraries. In one of our engagements, we migrated over a 100000 lines of application code and 5000 lines of database logic from a Oracle Fusion implementation to a portable and scalable Tomee / PostgreSQL solution running on Amazon AWS.

Cloud Technologies Adoption

Cloud technologies improve business continuance and minimize downtime to your business from hardware failures or network issues. When properly implemented they allow for you to easily scale to meet demands as your business grows without the need to IT staff to install and provision expensive and unnecessary hardware. We have experience on both sides of this fence and we can help design a solution that will continue to keep up with your business demands.

Application Virtualization and Delivery

We’ve virtualized hundreds of applications and delivered them via application streaming and/or virtual desktop delivery to hundreds of thousands of learners world-wide. Our customers depend on such technology to reduce client hardware footprint

Joint Ventures

We’re always open to joint ventures for companies seeking a technological partnership. Some of the partnerships we’ve been involved with

Ashish Gadhia

Solutions Architect and Developer

Ashish, is an experienced solutions architect, engineer, and a proven leader. He co-founded Heads Up Checkup which is an easy-to-use, digitally delivered screening tool that effectively supports educational institutions in quickly identifying mental health issues and students at risk for violent behavior. Has been responsible for the technological development of the screening tool from its original incarnation as a paper and pencil instrument through beta implementation. As the CTO, he serves in an advisory role to lead the development team, define technical requirements, and architect new features.

As Director of Engineering at Toolwire, Inc., Ashish has architected and developed the database rules engine of a competency-based learning platform that combines experiential game-based learning, hands-on virtual desktops, customer defined learning resources, and a remediation engine that delivers dynamic learning plans personalized to each student’s skill proficiency.

Hugo Lebegue

Inventor and Developer

Hugo has been writing software and managing projects for more than 20 years in various verticals like HealthCare, Banking and Education. Hugo is a two-time inventor and worldwide patents holder on "Mobile Banking" and the emerging "Learning Experience Platform". Hugo is innovative and self-motivated, he see challenges as opportunities and demonstrates leadership by example and teamwork. Hugo's problem-solving skills combined with methodologies that prioritizes work based on importance and urgency are extremely effective at resolving the most complex technical challenges. Hugo is driven to help companies embrace and progress through the journey of their digital transformation.

As Principal Software Architect at Toolwire, Inc., Hugo invented and engineered the TILE Platform. His primary engineering contributions are in Database Design, J2EE Middleware application, Full Stack develpment, End user and Administrative Responsive UIs.